Meet the Team

Sam Church – Cheif

“As the owner of the salon, my values of kindness, enthusiasm and taking pride in what I do run through its veins.

I’ve been cutting, colouring and doing hair up professionally for the last 23 years. I absolutely love what I do! And I’m great at it! But I’m also constantly learning, keeping up to date with new techniques and trends, and pushing myself to be my best.

As a passionate colour stylist, I’m especially enthusiastic about balayage. Don’t mistake this fantastic contrasting technique for a dip dye – true balayage can be applied from the roots, making it much softer than highlighting, with the flexibility to be as natural or dramatic as you choose.

I also get excited about doing hair up – “throwing” it up into an interesting style to suit your occasion, be it a wedding, party, prom, or just a date night. If you have an event you want to look fabulous for, I’m the girl for the job!”


Sarah – Pacesetter

I don’t do replicas – each appointment is a new opportunity to apply my creative approach to enhance and accentuate natural beauty, and leave every client feeling unique.

I absolutely love creating bespoke cuts and colours, giving people a fresh new look, and making them feel great about their appearance!

I’ve been hairdressing for 7 years and am enthusiastic about all aspects of it, from applying a natural balayage, to creating a complete hairstyle transformation. The variety that comes with styling in line with the latest trends, as well as classic styles and techniques, keeps me inspired day after day.

Come and get the perfect look for you and your lifestyle, with as little or as much change as you’re up for.

Billie – Go-Setter

I’m very excited to have a long career of making people feel good about themselves in front of me!

My main passion is vintage hair – I love nothing more than bringing retro styles from across the ages into the current day. Fear not – the ’20s are back in town, and I’m helping them along the way! I also welcome the opportunity to do hair ups, be it for extremely special occasions, or just to help you feel your best for an evening do.

I love making people happy, and am always up for having a good chat about what’s in fashion today. Getting your hair styled is about the entire salon experience, and I’m here to make sure all our clients feel comfortable, have their needs well looked after, and leave looking and feeling fab!

Bob – Senior Morale Specialist

A vital member of the team is salon dog, Bob. Along with our elegant and comfortable surroundings and friendly stylists, Bob will make you feel right at home, with his charming welcome and background presence. He never intrudes on people’s personal space, but immediately knows who wants to give him a cuddle and is always willing to oblige. He’s also the perfect babysitter, with his gentle and accepting nature. Whether you adore or tolerate dogs, Bob’s agreeableness and zest for life will warm you. There are always more smiles on the days he’s in the salon! So come in for the Bob Treatment!